After being forced to take life slower from getting ambushed left, right and centre by chronic health issues, I returned to painting as therapy for my mind and body.
Contemporary abstract painting unlocks a whole new world to express my emotions  - which proved so importantly during last winter, where words couldn't come at ease to me. It's provided a new found freedom in the form of not being trapped in my perfectionist mindset and refusal to have my life dictated by health restrictions. 
In the late winter of 2020 (sounds like I'm about to tell a folk tale, I promise I'm not), my lust for painting reignited in creating a contemporary piece for myself and my home. Having poured every ounce of emotion into this painting, it was created to aid my health during a difficult time, to signify my journey with my mental health and to act as a reminder for myself to pause and reflect about the importance of self care and love. With these values, I'd love nothing more than to be able to create special pieces for others to do the same.
From then, I have been so honoured to create bespoke artwork pieces for home and interior projects, tailoring to compliment their spaces and capture the essence they are seeking. With bespoke pieces, I tend to draw my inspiration from the beautiful little things about the intended space or any key emotions or messages the client would like highlighted in the piece.  Each piece of artwork will have all my heart poured into painting them and be lovingly created with the client in mind.
Being a very emotive painter, my original pieces tend to capture a form of expression and emotions in the moment, usually with the use of texture and metallics to bring another dimension to my art. I also draw inspiration from beautiful natural scenes and landscapes to focusing on the beautiful little things in life.


Investing in artwork can be an intimidating experience, but I believe art is for everyone and I will always be happy to help and seek to make the journey as enjoyable as possible. Creating a piece of art collaboratively can be so much fun and really is an exciting journey for myself and clients; to find that cherry on top to bring an interior space and decor together or add your own essence to a room is just so lovely and heartwarming. If there's anything I can do to help you with this, please don't hesitate to get in touch either through the Contact page, email studio@yanphongart.com or privately message me on Instagram. 
With all my heart, thank you so much for your considerations. Sending you lots of light and love, Yan x